Cecile, Wendy's mom, Puteaux.

Creator of the MINTY WENDY brand, whole and benevolent. Simple Dimple, Love Actually or Colomba, Cécile offers casual chic jewellery chewable by babies, with a minimalist, graphic and refined design. The idea is as follows: to allow young mothers to re-appropriate their femininity and their coquetry after the arrival of the youngest. I invite you to discover Cécile's career and the history of her brand.


What is your background?

Before I was an administrative director with a legal background. I worked in real estate investment for 6 years in England. Then I returned to France to follow my husband, where I became administrative director in e-marketing.

Then I got pregnant only ten days after our wedding! What a joy for me to prepare his room. I had this idea of white, grey with a touch of green water. That's really what suited me. It is now 2015 and I decide to take parental leave. I had the choice between spending it in Paris, in an apartment of 60 m2, or going to Corsica with my parents! The decision is made quickly.

It was great, but I was bored, my child was sleeping.. So I started by keeping a blog. My favorite color, mint, follows me. I'm talking about decoration, cooking, I like to look for the aesthetic side of things, the work of photography, the desire for pretty.

How did the jewellery idea come about?

During my pregnancy, I gained 24kg, I couldn't fit into anything. In addition to that, with a baby exit the perfume and jewelry... once the stomach was empty, I wanted to be a woman.

So I started thinking about a necklace. Everything that existed was so naughty. I wanted to offer real quality pieces as suitable for mothers as for babies.

Where does the name MINTY WENDY come from?

I am totally a fan of the color water green, mint, and my daughter's first name.

It's not just a necklace?!

This necklace can have three purposes: nursing necklace (the baby clings to the necklace instead of your hair and it avoids scratching you), carrying (he can play with in the scarf) and teeth (clearly relieves gums). This concept already existed, very popular in Australia, so I imported the product and proposed a quality of materials used as well as a more modern aestheticism.

What are your favourite subjects?

Silicone, like the one in the cake tin! Non-toxic food silicone materials are tested in independent laboratories: they are free of BPA, phthalates or cadmium in accordance with current standards. I love its touch, very soft, velvety and it is very light. Maintenance is simple: wash in warm soapy water, dishwasher or sterilizer. MintyWenty jewellery is designed and assembled in France.

Manufacturing and assembly?

My workshop is 10 minutes from the house. Some of the jewellery is made by ESAT (Etablissements et Services d'Aide par le Travail), which are medico-social establishments whose objective is the social and professional integration of disabled adults. It was important for me to make sense, to work with an association. There is also a necklace, whose funds are redistributed to an association in England that helps disadvantaged children around the world.

Desires, projects for MINTY WENDY?

I live day by day.