Sophie, mother of Lucien and Paul, Lyon.

Creator of the MARMIESSE brand, ultra-optimistic, generous, straight in her boots, and go-getter. Sophie had this brilliant idea to propose to babies and children, bed linen in cotton jersey, therefore very soft and exit the ironing! The ink used is biological and the patterns are hot, which really changes the deal! I suggest you discover more with his interview.


What is your background?

I have been a freelance stylist for major ready-to-wear brands. I have always been passionate about decoration and I decided to rush in 2016 in the creation of Marmiesse.

How was MARMIESSE born?

Marmiesse was born from a discussion with my lover during my pregnancy. I slept with a large bolster in cotton jersey, which relieves well when one is pregnant and he says to me: "It is so pleasant, it would be the top to sleep inside! "Bingo! Thank you, darling!

Where does the name MARMIESSE come from?

It comes from two inspirations. One, my mother's maiden name, I wanted to keep some of my origins. The other, a small village in the cantal. And I didn't want a name that was too childish because I wanted to develop a collection for adults.

How did you think the motives were?

I did a lot of research, I also surrounded myself with two French graphic designers that I love. The brand currently has two prints, the farmyard and the groundhog. For the anecdote, in the groundhog motif, there is one, among the other groundhogs looking from the front, to be found in the manner of "Where is Charlie?

Where are your creations made?

All our products are currently manufactured in Turkey in a 100% Organic GOTS, ORGANIC BLENDED certified factory. Finding a factory wasn't easy because of the material. Jersey knitwear is a knitting technique, therefore very different from linen or cotton which are woven. It's not the same machine.

What are your favorite subjects?

Organic jersey, big enough to make bed linen. The quality is really top, I'm so glad! The material is so pleasant and soft, we are like in his favorite T-shirt. And the great luxury of this material is that it doesn't iron!

What are your inspirations?

A lot of things! I love late 19th century painters, Rio de Janeiro, evenings with friends, thrilling rides... and above all the hugs of my sons!

Desires, projects?

A collection with a wide choice of prints but also beautiful colors! And why not very quickly adult sizes!