Cédric, Hauts-de-Seine.

Co-founder with Benjamin Banoun of the brand Le biberon Français. This team of shock to give back to the classic bottle a hell of a pep! Gone are the days of "carrying air" and now the 3 in 1, practical, light and above all elegant baby bottle! And it does not stop there, finished the bottle which becomes dull and which keeps an unpleasant smell. Cédric answered LCDC's questions, I let you discover the history of this pretty French brand!


What is the history of the Biberon Français?

It's the story of a father, Benjamin Banoun, my partner. On family holidays, Benjamin realizes that among all the luggage, a whole bag is dedicated to the baby's bottles... For his wife, Odile, nothing surprising, but for him, an engineer, he has the impression of carrying only air! We had to reinvent the bottle and save space. The baby bottle is born! I am a former sales manager at Philips-AVENT, I immediately saw a great interest in the project!

The idea is to propose a practical but stylish bottle too!

Yes, when we look at what exists in terms of baby bottles in childcare, you find only very technical articles, for colic, reflux... but there is nothing very glamorous... Yet parents have the right, too, to enjoy themselves! The idea is to offer a practical bottle with a different design. The gigogne bottle is a trilogy of bottles, each independent, and together they tell a story.

Having the idea and getting to product design takes time?

Yes, that's for sure. There is the idea, but then you have to materialize it... We have to think, rethink the product. One year of research and development has been useful in reconciling quality, comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics.

What materials do you use?

French bottles are made from Tritan plastic, a stronger, lighter, more expensive and very transparent plastic (often after washing, the bottles become opaque). The inscriptions do not pass with time, the bottle remains intact. And besides, the French bottle doesn't keep the smell and color of food!

Each bottle is equipped with a soft and durable three-speed Silicone Soft teat, developed using a patented teat system with an anti-colic valve that respects the child's natural sucking rhythm.


We are already present in some concept stores, as well as some pharmacies. The objective is to increase these sales sites. Great collaborations in perspective, like Tartine & Chocolat and Soledad !