Amélie, mother of Louis, Félix, Brune and Inès, has recently moved to Angers after spending 6 years in Tunisia.

Founder of the TOHU BOHU brand, a unique universe. She likes natural colours, beautiful materials and sobriety. Living with her family in Tunisia, allows Amélie, a decoration enthusiast, to discover the talent of local craftsmen. From there, it launches its brand and offers a pretty selection of decorative objects and accessories for the whole family: tipis, sheepskin, basket, sheep.... Drop colors, a mustard stitch and pom-poms as a signature make Amélie's collection elegant and uncluttered. If you want to know more about his background, his inspirations, it's right here.


What is your background?

I have always been immersed in the world of creation. Starting with a Steiner school where expression and creation were just as important as math. I took a Bac S and then entered a Parisian school of graphic design. I then work in art direction at BETC, a large advertising agency. Then comes our departure for Tunis where we spend 6 years. When I discover this country, I am a newlywed, suitcase in hand and pregnant. A year goes by, we settle in and quickly we are expecting our second child.

On the spot, you start decorating, tell us about it?

With two expat friends, we create the "le boudoir" store, a kind of concept store, where we offer both our creations and a library and coffee area. Ex-parisienne a little frustrated in decoration and clothes, I started sewing! A great experience! Tipis work great! These years have certainly helped me to train. When we returned to France a year and a half ago, I was very keen to continue to offer decoration for children and to have my own brand. I found it interesting to show the Tunisian know-how.

How do you start?

I first tested my selection during sales to friends and at the same time I set up my TOHU BOHU project, was looking for a workshop to finally launch the brand in September 2017.

Where does the brand name come from?

TohuBohu means "bazaar". It is also the Hebrew word for the "raw material" necessary for the creation of the universe. And I really like that idea.

What is the spirit of the TOHU BOHU brand?

A brand without fuss that wants to be pretty and stylish, products almost raw, little worked. I offer basic products, natural, raw, poetic, ancestral know-how, beautiful materials, timeless, patina, softness, colorful... Essential pieces, unique or in limited series, manufactured by craftsmen.
Authentic products with a simple design...this is the very essence of tohu bohu. All the creations are finished with "a bourbon stitch", a stitch that has become my signature. It's mustard for now, it mixes well with all the other colours. Sober and authentic but with a clear design line.

How are TOHU BOHU BOHU creations made?

On the one hand, I offer a textile collection, teepees, cushions, nomadic rugs that I design from France. All the manufacturing is then carried out in a Tunisian workshop renowned for the quality of its know-how. Bouthaïna, the workshop manager, and her seamstresses with golden fingers, wash, dye, cut and assemble the fabric pieces by hand. I go to Tunis 5 times a year to choose the colours and prototypes.
On the other hand, Tohu Bohu offers a selection of objects made by craftsmen. These craftsmen work with raw materials such as leather, metal, wood, textiles, glass and reveal their beauty. This selection is also a matter of love at first sight!

What are your favourite subjects?

I love linen, cotton, natural products, wool. Wood when it is not varnished. Our fabric is 100% cotton, it is hand-dyed, which gives it a linen look. We chose the same fabric for the whole collection. It is unbleached, untreated, very thick like jeans 300gr per

Any desires, any projects for TohuBohu?

I have a lot of product ideas in my head! I also want to take TohuBohu to "more responsible". It is important for me, since the beginning of the adventure, to have an ethical and meaningful approach. So I work on it every day to get a little closer and closer.