Audrey, mother of Joseph and Leon. Based in Paris.
Creator of the LOURS brand. Loves fashion, comfortable and quality materials.
Audrey has developed THE perfect sweatshirt for children, 100% made in France, a cut to fall for, great colours! Your children will approve of her comfort and you will approve of her look! Here is Audrey's portrait and the history of her brand!


What is your background?

After a journalism school, I worked for ten years for the Observer. Every week I wrote articles and portraits for the fashion and women's column. I then worked as a freelancer for several women's magazines. And then I had my children and the desire for other things. I wanted to have something of my own, the desire to create. I started by writing a website project but it didn't come out in the end. And LOURS has arrived. One thing's for sure, I love clothes! First for me and then I carried this fixation on my children. So two years ago, I created the brand while continuing to write for the press. And since September, I have been 100% dedicated to LOURS.

So you decide to create the "perfect sweatshirt" for children yourself. Not too complicated to start from scratch?

My luck was to be very well surrounded. From the beginning I shared an office with five other designers whose brands were already established. They guided me, helped me. I really wanted to learn. I could have sent my prototypes to Portugal and had them make my sweaters. No, I wanted to be present, invested. So I found a Parisian workshop.
What is complicated when you build your brand is that there are a thousand professions in one, creation, communication, manufacturing, business, accounting... So you have to learn, surround yourself well and touch everything a little!

Why did you choose this emblematic piece "the sweatshirt"?

For many reasons. When I launched the first collection, it was for babies, there was a legging, a cardigan, a sweatshirt, a wetsuit... And the sweatshirt clearly stood out from the other pieces. On my side, the sweatshirt is an integral part of my dressing room, I love it! It's a cool piece that can be worn in a thousand different ways. It is relaxed but also chic and very practical. At home, my children couldn't stand itchy sweaters, the sweatshirt was adopted directly. So I was looking for the perfect, simple, quality sweatshirt for my children with THE right fit!

The values, the spirit of the LOURS brand?

Authenticity, practicality, Made in France and above all something cool!
A quality fabric, 100% cotton, exclusive prints. A well cut, comfortable, cozy sweatshirt. A sweatshirt with a minimalist look and worked shapes so that children wear it without thinking about it. A popular piece that anyone can appropriate!

Where does the name and logo LOURS come from?

Two people worked on it. A graphic designer I love who made me the sign "LOURS". And another Brazilian graphic designer took care of the "bear head" badge. The word "lours" is simply the little name we use with my husband to call us and has always been. I wanted something childish but not cucumber. Which goes very well with a sweatshirt, not too childish, chic and cool.

How do you work?

The fabric is made in Troyes, in the Aube, then dyed. The bear head badge is made by one of the last French embroiderers, the same one who deals with Lacoste crocodiles. Finally, the whole thing is assembled in a Parisian workshop. I regularly work on new models and new colours. I want a responsible production, without intermediaries to create a unique and durable sweatshirt at the right price.

What is the material you have chosen for your sweaters?

I use double jersey, with a little elastane. I use a French fabric, made in France. It's a mono fabric and I decline it simply because this fabric is crazy, of quality that doesn't move.
The sweatshirt is not very loose. The material is fine but with good hold. It does not move, does not shrink. It is washed at 30° and dried in the dryer without moving. I never got a feedback. I'm sure of this fabric. I recently received a message from a cute grandmother. She explained to me that she had washed her grandson's sweatshirt about ten times and that it hadn't moved!

Do you have a signature?

The black one! I dressed my children a lot in black when they were little! People either love it or they hate it. The black basic is not usually offered to children, but it is a good alternative to blue for little boys.

Who are LOURS sweatshirts for?

Footless pyjama suits are available for sale from 3 months to 18 months. An ultra comfortable and chic outfit. Then sweaters and dresses are available from size 2 to 12 years old.

What are your inspirations?

My children, my model testers from the beginning. So do friends'. Watch them move. A place, a picture.

You made some pretty collabs, why is that interesting?

With collab, there is first the meeting of someone. This summer I had the opportunity to work with the French cap brand CRUSOÉ, based in San Francisco. It was very interesting. I don't have a calendar, I don't do a show. I have a single product that is timeless. So making collabs gives the brand a breath of fresh air, something new, it's ultra beneficial for a young brand to get a new visibility. My latest is the one with Elisa "And God Created". I think it goes both ways, we bring both of us.

Projects, desires for LOURS?

Pop-ups soon, a new color too. The desire to offer the sweatshirt in several forms, chimney collar, hood, pocket... And maybe adult sweaters, we are always looking for the perfect sweatshirt!