Marine, mother of Iris, living in Aix en Provence, originally from Lille.

Founder of the MILINANE brand. Ingenious and inspiring. Marine had the brilliant idea to propose a collection of covers and cushions that protect and embellish your high chairs, deckchairs, cosy and company. Practical but also elegant! The colors and patterns are out of the ordinary, Terracota, Celadon, Curry and the adorable Lemurian, tiger patterns. The designer also uses this famous cotton muslin to offer us bed linen and mattresses! I let you discover Marine's journey, its inspirations and the history of its Milinane brand. A real favorite for LCDC.


What is your background?

I studied Product Marketing. I then became a buyer and product manager for a French decoration brand.

When did you start the Milinane adventure?

The very idea for the project came when I was pregnant. Like many mothers, I wanted everything at once: practicality, comfort, natural materials and style. At that time, I was living in Seville, in Andalusia. All the strollers and cozy babies I saw on the street were covered with a protective cushion. Most of the time embroidered, sometimes in lace or sponge. It was often in a very classic style but in fact this product made sense. It's so much more hygienic and comfortable... I wanted to launch this product in a more modern style with a touch of decoration in France.

So I left my company and embarked on this crazy adventure! was launched in September 2017! It's been almost a year and a half

Where does Milinane's name come from?

Milinane was my daughter's cuddly toy. It was a little stuffed donkey that one of my girlfriends Emily had given to my daughter. And when Iris knew how to speak, it was her first word: Mili-Nane.

What are the values, the spirit of the brand?

I want to offer quality products that are also sustainable. Three values are close to my heart: softness, ingenuity and finally know-how.
Softness: Products adapted for babies' skin.
Ingenuity: Products to beautify and simplify life! The products have been designed to adapt to all the major brands of baby care, strollers, cosy, high chairs... Practical and easy to clean products. Most are reversible, durable, easily removable and machine washable.
And the know-how: Products designed and conceived with great care. We have paid particular attention to the quality of our materials, the manufacture and finishing of our models. Our collections are designed in our offices in France and the products are manufactured with the greatest care by a family company in Portugal.

How do you work?

I work with a graphic designer for my prints, she is a friend who has a real talent and we are very much in tune, she knows how to transcribe exactly what I want and more.

What are your favourite subjects?

Cotton gauze without hesitation. It's really an incredibly soft material. I have selected a very resistant one and therefore denser than what we usually find, because my products are quite technical. It was necessary a material that was seine, breathable and soft. This softness increases over time and with the use of the products.

This is a 100% cotton muslin with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 label, so we offer childcare fabrics and bed linens that are perfectly suited to our babies' skin.

Was your daughter your best guinea pig?

This is certain, especially for stroller cushions. It doesn't hold up, so I had trouble finding a shape and a material that resists it!

What do you pay particular attention to in your creations?

The essential point for me is the quality of the products and the quality of the material. I am very sensitive to materials and colours. Wood, ceramics, textiles, terrazzo, zelliges, concrete. For textiles, I like natural materials, linen, cotton... Cotton muslin is a real favorite.

What are your inspirations?

Travel and photos.

Your desires, your projects for Milinane?

Partnerships with other very talented brands and new products!