Think about breast milk donation!


Are you lucky that your breastfeeding is working well? Do you even produce a large quantity of milk? So think about donating milk. This precious liquid saves premature babies every day or those hospitalized for digestive diseases. Donating milk, an easy, quick and vital gesture! Elise, a childcare auxiliary, gives us the information and the steps to follow if you are interested. 

Think about breast milk donation!

For whom is breast milk collected?

Most often for hospitalized babies. Waiting for their own mother's lactation to start or when the mother cannot or does not wish to breastfeed. 90% of babies receiving milk donations are premature babies. Babies whose weight is less than 1500gr/1200 gr and born at term less than 32/ 34 weeks. The remaining 10% are babies who are hospitalized for serious digestive system disorders or other conditions.

What are the benefits of breast milk for these fragile babies?

Breast milk is the basic element of survival for premature babies. It allows the newborn to have less infection of the digestive tract and prevents microbial infections. Finally, it helps the baby's visual, cognitive and psychomotor development. Breast milk is therefore very important for the well-being and growth of the most fragile babies.

If you want to give your milk, isn't it too complicated?

It is not at all binding. I advise you to call the lactarium near you, if you live in Paris, it is the Necker lactarium.
We're going to start by offering you a medical interview. You will be able to explain your approach, receive information about the conditions for collecting milk and finally check the contraindications. A blood test will also be required. Then, concretely, you express your milk (with the rules of hygiene when you express your milk).

The only condition is to have a freezer to store your milk at -18 degrees, be careful you can't do it with a freezer. Finally, someone from the lactarium will pick up the donation directly from your home every 15 days to 3 weeks. The milk is then processed by lactarium, it will be pasteurized and bacteriological and virological analyses will be carried out.
The lactarium will provide you with the breast pump and bottles.

Since it's a donation, it's anonymous and free?

Milk donation can be anonymous. In this case, the donor is anonymous and does not know the infants receiving her donation. Or the donation is directed, in which case the donor is the mother of the hospitalized infant. Of course the donation is unpaid.

Can we get some help, counselor?

Do not hesitate to call the lactarium teams. They are passionate people so they will be there to listen to you and help you. It offers real support to mothers and the care is comprehensive. This is not just technical information on milk.

Practical information:
Lactarium IDF
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4 pm (except on public holidays)
Tel: +33 (0)1 71 19 60 47 47

List of 18 lactariums (establishments specialising in the collection and storage of breast milk in France)

There are also depending on where you live a breastfeeding SOS. Do not hesitate, especially in the evening, on weekends when you can often feel isolated.

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