The moment of the change, not so harmless!


Changing the diaper... how to say... Already it comes back super fast, but in addition it stiffens, turns around, screams... in short it's double punishment! Elise, our childcare nurse, gives us some advice to keep this moment to a minimum and even find it interesting. Yes, it is! 

The moment of the change, not so harmless!

The change, an essential event...

Changing is one of the moments like feeding when the baby is awake. He will therefore be able to take full advantage of the interactions that we will offer him since you are face to face. It was an opportunity for him to discover his body and to experience many things. The time of the change is therefore not so harmless!

When should it be changed?

The change is a repetitive moment that will be part of your child's rhythm. It's going to become a ritual, so it's going to be a landmark for your baby. The most appropriate time is obviously as soon as a smell is felt or simply when you notice its discomfort. You don't let a baby macerate in his excrement, in principle you take a look every two, three hours during the day. You don't get up and wake your baby at night.

What attitude should I adopt?

My advice, to avoid fighting with some children, is to respect their freedom of movement. Stubbornly holding his feet, lifting his legs, if he decided he didn't want to, it's clear, you know the rest, we get into a conflict. He's going to freeze, stiffen up, we're going to get angry, it's not going to work. I suggest you approach things a little differently. Verbalize what you are doing to him, explain it to him with simple words, it may seem a little silly to you but it will catch his attention. He's going to participate at this time. Depending on his age, you can also offer him little games, such as naming or finding his ears, nose, stomach... Then, have enveloping gestures, do not touch your baby but touch him in a contained way. So he will keep this feeling of continuity of his body.
***Do not forget that the QUALITY of the moment of the change will condition the moment that arrives afterwards as the falling asleep, the dinner. So it's worth it to make sure that this moment is relaxed.

A technique, a trick to share with parents?

If it is only urine, you can easily clean your child from the front. If it's a saddle, here's a detail that will change everything the next time you change it: don't lock his legs and don't lift them up to clean underneath. Just put it aside. So her buttocks are easily accessible, on her side it is much more comfortable for her back. So he won't be tense. Your child will certainly be more receptive with free motor skills, his movements are more natural. An important step that is easily skipped, remember to gently dry the baby's sex and buttocks, not forgetting the folds. A simple and quick action that can avoid irritations of the most sensitive skin. For that, you can simply use a diaper.

What are the security rules?

You just have to be a little organized. Just think about planning everything before you start. Prepare everything you will need to change your baby's diaper. So you won't be stuck in the middle of the change because you need a cotton pad. Never leave your child alone, unattended on the changing table. If you have to move away from it, even for a short time, take it in your arms.
Also remember that the room is warm enough to prevent your child from having the unpleasant feeling of having a stomach, buttocks in the cold.

Elise's advice: I recommend natural diapers, think about baby's skin and the impact on the environment. Here are some brands that I can recommend, Tidou, Moltex, Joone. Daily wipes are really to be banned. Then there is the principle of reality, if you are travelling, obviously the wipes are practical, so look at the composition and favour the shortest list of components. I use Cadum babies. I have always used liniment for my children, but also remember to look at the components! After cotton or square, no preference