When to go to the maternity ward to give birth?


Will I be able to recognize the famous contractions? I am afraid of arriving too early or too late at the maternity ward... Whether it is a first or second pregnancy, we do not necessarily know how to recognize the fateful moment of the great departure. Claire Letessant, midwife, helps us to become aware of the situation and decipher the symptoms without panicking!

When to go to the maternity ward to give birth?

Are there any symptoms not to be taken lightly?

If you have headaches, ringing in your ears and flies in front of your eyes: take these symptoms seriously. This is a sign of high blood pressure. More precisely, it is called pre-eclampsia, a pathology at the end of pregnancy. There we don't ask questions, come straight to the emergency room.

How do I know that these are contractions?

After 37 weeks of amenorrhoea, the baby leaves the premature age zone. During the last month, the contractions will prepare the cervix. They can be regular and painful, but if at any time they stop, it is because it is a false job. These contractions are not going to be active, they're not going to open the cervix. So before you leave for the maternity ward and avoid coming too often, keep that in mind. Repeat the checklist. Look for a heat source such as a bath, a hot water bottle or a hot shower. This will really relax you and reduce or even eliminate the contractions. Then lie down, rest and finally take Spasfon. If it doesn't go away after two hours, come to the maternity ward.

I've spotted the famous contractions, I'm going straight to the maternity ward?

Pregnant mothers are always afraid of not being able to spot contractions. But when the right ones are, we don't ask ourselves the question anymore. Do I have to go, we go because it's too painful. The idea is to give yourself two hours of contractions, regular every 5 minutes. It has to be progressive. And once again, if you are worried, do not hesitate to come to the maternity ward, the midwives will reassure you and guide you.

To take your time, you have to be able to keep calm... It's not easy!

I know it's not easy when it's your first delivery, but try to make sure that fear doesn't take over. You can start work at home, because you have the resources, trust yourself! Staying home for the start of work is really worth it! Because once you are cared for by the hospital, you are in a bed, attach to a monitoring. You will wait in the corridor and at best walk a hundred paces. The house is still cozier!

And the water loss is a legend?

The loss of water is not systematic, but if you lose fluid a little or a lot, even without contraction and if you have a doubt, come to the maternity ward!

Any advice on not losing your footing and refocusing?

To find that joy again. Do not forget the purpose of this work, this moment, this meeting that you have been waiting for so long. As for the end of labour and delivery, you will need to be honestly accompanied, but as for the beginning, take the time to realize that this is THE time. A unique, incredible moment.