The cabin, a strategic place for a child!


"The cabin" the favorite place for the little ones! A refuge, a kingdom, a hiding place, the cabin comes to life according to the mood of our children. An indoor cabin? But in which room, for what purpose? Do you need a lot of space? Lisa, a decorator, explains how a cabin can be interesting in the development of our children! The youngest and the oldest will love it!

The cabin, a strategic place for a child!

What is he going to do in his cabin?

Two types of cabins can be distinguished. The one exclusively reserved for the night, in the room and the playhouse.

The night cabin: it is a refuge, a reassuring, cosy cocoon, to relax and sleep well. This feeling of being contained is not at all oppressive. On the contrary, the child will feel reassured, just like swaddling for newborns, we wrongly think that they will feel trapped when this wrap will soothe them. Another advantage is that the cabin allows the child to have access to a smaller space, on his or her own scale. He will feel confident when he sees this "little house" which will certainly make it easier to go to bed.

The playhouse: this is a space where your child will be able to isolate himself and devote himself to the activity of his choice, reading, manipulating objects and playing games. He will therefore develop a certain autonomy little by little.
All the rooms in the house where almost all are to be shared, so this is an opportunity for your child to find a personal reference point that he or she can invest. It is really a space dedicated to children away from adults. The grown-ups can't go in, unless you're invited, of course. Your child will be so proud to give you an invitation!
Your child will (for once) be in control of his decoration, to personalize the interior of his cabin with his drawings or his favorite heroes or heroines. To settle his world there. For the exterior aspect of the cabin, don't panic, you can find or build some very simple and very pretty ones.

Can the cabin also be a strategic place to manage emotions, for example when you are angry?

It depends on the children, on how they manage their emotions. After an angry episode, some children will need to isolate themselves, so why not offer to go to the cabin if they need to be alone (and not for punishment). But other children will need a hug, to share or just to be surrounded. Finally, if you are invited to enter the cabin, do not forget that it can also be a place for confidences, the word will be more free.

Where do we set up the cabin?

For the night hut, not too much suspense, we'll install it in the child's room. As for the playhouse, it can be in the bedroom, in the living room in a privileged corner of the living room. The cabin will then become a decorative accessory.

Any ideas on how to make it a cabin?

-For the most ambitious there is the total construction. We get several boards and go. But be careful, it's better to be a good handyman!
For the less do-it-yourselfers, you can find a simple bed at Ikea and divert it by placing cubes on the existing structure. Thanks to the box spring, there is no need to build the structure of the cabin.
-We can also simply collect 1m20 x 1m20 boxes. Hold the leaves above to make the roof, make openings for the windows. With cardboard, there is a whole customization to be done with the children, the opportunity to share an activity, a moment of complicity with them. Having a common project, the cabin will become more valuable to your child.

Finally, accessories to recommend to us to arrange the interior of the cabin?

Yes, they can be small cushions that will make the space more cozy, more comfortable. So the child will necessarily enjoy going there and staying there. A basket, a box to put accessories, toys, pencils, games. If the hut is hard, you can even consider shelves for a reading area. If space permits, consider setting up a small table.
Finally, think of a small, easy-to-use lighting system. The light, even if dimmed, will strengthen the small cocoon side.