Isabelle, mother of Jules and Leopoldine, settled in Paris.

Founder of the brand LES JOLIES PLANCHES. Likes to create, reinvent and make Made In France. Isabelle offers with her boards a wall decoration that is at the same time educational, playful and aesthetic! To be installed in your child's room, kitchen or living room! A nice way to learn or relearn the basics! I invite you to read Isabelle's journey and the history of her brand Les Jolies Planches.


What is your background? And when did you change your life?

After 20 years of career in major international Telecom and Media groups in France and abroad, specializing in innovation and digital transformation, I decided to leave everything. Both the management committee and this great career, to embark in 2017 on an entrepreneurial adventure with "Les jolies planches". A desire to leave the virtual to return to more concrete values! Moreover, once you get to a certain level, you no longer create value yourself and you move away from the field, I missed it. I wanted to rediscover the pleasure of creating.

And to refocus on the essential?

The desire to try the entrepreneurial adventure, a freer and more flexible model did the rest, allowing me to be more available to my children.
Immersed in the development of digital services since the beginning, I realized that we were at the end of a cycle where, by digitizing everything, we end up lacking reference points that are long-term in contrast to the mass of information permanently received and the diversity of their sources that fragment attention at the expense of memory. However, man always needs to touch, see and observe. In neuroscience, it is established that the brain needs to observe 5 to 6 times an element to retain it.

How did the idea of the Jolies Planches come about?

It was by looking for a story line for my son Jules that the idea became a reality. I wanted something synthetic and aesthetic at the same time. That he would enjoy watching to record information easily and often refer to it in a playful way. But having found nothing of the kind, I challenged myself to create it myself. Friends and family then encouraged me by ordering, and that's how the adventure of pretty boards began.

What are the values, the spirit of the brand?

Combine knowledge and aesthetics while promoting French know-how. As far as the spirit of the brand is concerned, we develop all our products with the idea of mixing Intello, decoration and fun! Learning with pleasure, around simple values: Made in France, the pretty boards are exclusively "Made in France": design, illustrations, printing, packaging...
"Durable": the materials used are natural and made to last, we use a waterproof cotton canvas for example very resistant, we use an art printer so that the colors are bright and do not fade with time. With an idea of transmission and sharing with family, friends or at the office. "The Tribes of Today", introduce several notions: They can be groups of friends, families and siblings. Observing a board encourages discussion and sharing, evokes memories or makes you want to ask questions. There is a notion of common learning and sharing that is the key to our project. And what a pleasure to check it every day thanks to the testimonials of our customers.

How do you work and what materials do you use?

I always start by developing the content of the board according to the theme. I do a lot of research before synthesizing the final content that will be selected for the board. These can be very varied, French vineyards, dinosaurs, history... Which then allows me to have an overview of the board to develop. Then, depending on the themes, I work with an illustrator. Over the years, I have developed a real complicity with some of them, who have become real working partners. And that's good, I love working in a team! Finally, I always have the final project validated by a professional in the sector: oenologist for the wine list, paleontologist for the Dinosaurs et Cie board, etc...
As for the materials used, they are natural and resistant, made to share tribal life! Our boards are made of cotton canvas with eco-friendly latex inks. I wanted a high quality product, with a certain idea of transmission, and to participate on my small scale in the French economy, that's why I chose to work with French craftsmen and artists.

Where do your inspirations come from?

They are really multiple. My children and their questions or subjects of attention of the moment of course, a desire to update and update old school maps, current topics... I am currently finalizing for example 2 plates around 2 very current themes: a gallery of portraits of extraordinary women with the aim of inspiring little girls with portraits of bold women who have, in their way, moved the lines or even changed the world outright; seasonal fruits and vegetables to accompany everyone to consume in a more responsible way. The pretty plates are also a participative editing mode, thanks to which our customers can suggest the next theme to be developed. We use social networks a lot for this.

Any desires, any projects for THE Pretty FLOORS?

Many projects for the pretty boards are in progress, and I dream of a collaboration! To be continued...