Camille, Ysé's mother, Normandy countryside.

Founder of the SHANDOR brand. Inspiring and committed. This designer creates Arty motifs that she can use according to her desires: swaddling clothes, cushions, drapes, posters. A colourful, graphic and design universe that will find its place in your child's room or, like me, in your living room! Natural and recycled materials, ethical and responsible manufacturing, Camille does things right! I'll let you discover his interview!


What is your background?

I studied contemporary art in Rennes. As a child I used to draw clothes for characters I invented. I could even have stories that lasted a full year with different characters. So I would apply myself and spend time designing their costumes. I believe that the passion for drawing and textiles has always been there. As I grew up, I moved towards drawing and plastic arts.

For five years, in college, I was able to discover and experiment with all kinds of artistic techniques around the image such as silkscreen printing, photography, collage, painting, drawing...

When did you start the SHANDOR Adventure?

I wanted to teach Arts and then my mom got sick, breast cancer. I then put my studies in brackets to take care of her. She wore scarves because she didn't have a wig she didn't like. I had trouble finding beautiful accessories, beautiful patterns, beautiful materials with beautiful colors. Something that doesn't look too old-fashioned. Why not draw my own designs and create my own scarves? The scarf proved to be the perfect support for me to combine drawing and textile. I started doing research, taking a two-month training course to be able to open my company, that was less fun but essential!

After this training, I entered a competition for those under 30 years old, who had a project to support in the Limoges region around textiles. I won 10,000 euros. It allowed me to start, buy fabric and finance my first collection. The same year, I launch my brand and get pregnant! Perfect timing, new inspirations are coming.

Where does the name SHANDOR come from?

It is the first name of my grandfather, of Hungarian origin, which means "courage" and "strength". I found this meaning totally consistent with my creations, my desires. My grandmother always told me that Shandor had left his country to escape the war and that he was extremely kind. For me this name makes sense and I like its sound.

What are the brand's values?

What matters to me is to do things right. To make happy all the people who work with me up to those who buy my creations. The choice of subjects is very important, especially since I became a mother. Use materials that will respect the environment, which may raise awareness among major brands and customers. We are very small but I think we can, on our small scale, have an impact. Consciences are awakening. Today, it is necessary to undertake differently and to work for a meaningful consumption.

Exactly, how do you work and what materials do you use?

I always start with a drawing, a pattern. I also do a lot of inspirational paintings. The collections are made with the greatest care in French and European workshops, in a concern for ethical and responsible manufacturing. Each manufacturer has its own specificity.

For example, for scarves, it is a manufacturer from the Lyon region. In this region, there are still a few companies that can print on silk. A natural material that is very smooth and shiny. They therefore take care of printing and cutting.

For nappies, the textile printer is in Berlin. It was at his place that I was able to find an organic cotton muslin of a high quality. Besides, I know he's going to be very careful about the inks they use. This is essential for these materials that will be chewed by children! The diaper is printed and then I collect the rolls, I manage the cutting before passing the baton to a social reintegration workshop based right next to my home. This workshop manages the finishing, hems and labeling.

Wall hangings are also printed in Berlin. This is a recycled material made from plastic bottles that are then transformed into yarn. Once printed, I then manage the finishing myself. Finally, the velvet cushions are printed in Alsace.

What are your inspirations?

I draw a lot from my studies on contemporary art and graphic art in general. But also modern art from the 1920s to the 1980s, decoration and the world of design. I look at a lot of magazines to feel the trends. Of course art museums, every time I come out I draw. But it can also be a graffiti I see on the street.

Wants, projects for SHANDOR?

Full! I just started a poster collection. Since a few months I don't forbid myself anything anymore! I make my desires come true. I currently have desires for stationery, proposals for the creation of designs for a brand of bags and women's clothing. Several collaborations, other children's collections.

Before I thought that for it to work, you had to hold on to only one kind of object. In fact, the more I diversify and the more I enjoy it. My speciality is the arty touch in my designs, I can then apply them!