Rachel, Paulette and Sacha's mom, Mayenne.

Creator of the Paulette & Sacha brand, has left everything to live from her passion, the work of wood. It emphasizes aesthetics, tradition and transmission. Desk, small armchair, games of awakening Rachel proposes a line of furniture, toys and other objects design out of solid wood for souls of children.


What is your background?

For several years I worked as a Project Manager in an American law firm travelling between Paris, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and the United States. One day I decided to give up everything to reorient my life around the family in the provinces. We then leave Paris for Mayenne. We find an old farmhouse that we completely rebuild. It is by watching my children awaken that I decide to make my passion, woodworking, a great project: that of Paulette & Sacha. The brand was launched in May 2016.

What is the spirit of Paulette & Sacha?

My goal is to offer a line of quality furniture and toys, functional, beautiful and manufactured in the rules of art from noble materials, durable and eco-designed. This know-how has its source in my childhood memories where I watched my father make small wooden furniture in his workshop. It was in the 70s, when my mother sold my father's creations on the market.

How did you learn how to cut wood?

I started by creating a wooden car for my son. I then bought myself a small machine at 60€ to work wood and I started to tinker. "My first car" was there. And with this simple machine I could make many small parts! I am not alone in the Paulette & Sacha adventure. I work with my husband. He is a product designer and works on brand image. Today he deals with untreated raw wood boards. Concretely he will work this raw material so that it is ready to be cut.

You propose the Minus and Shift collection. Can you tell us more?

The idea is to offer objects that combine tradition, durability, aesthetics and transmission. I find it interesting that an object is evolutionary, that it accompanies the child for several years. Likewise, I like the idea that furniture fits in a child's bedroom as well as in the living room or kitchen. This is the case, for example, for the mini boudoir table or the mini boudoir chair.

What are your inspirations?

Ideas come to me by observing my children, their needs, their desires. For example, one day my daughter asks me for a horse with wings. So I made the pegasus with its little wings. What I like is that my children play with wood scraps, they love this material, building and tinkering. I want to develop and propose games that arouse curiosity.

Your favorite material is wood. Can you tell us more?

Wood. I find this material very accessible and easy to work with. It is a natural material and a noble material. We work with beautiful wood, mainly beech. It is a wood that has very few knots and needs very fine sanding. The result is soft and really natural. As these are furniture and games for children, there are standards to respect. Then it can happen, that certain ideas or desires do not see the day. It's a daily challenge!