How can osteopathy help your baby?


If your pregnancy or delivery has been complicated it is advisable to have your baby examined by an osteopath. The consultation can also help your baby on a daily basis to get through certain inconveniences such as colic or sleep disorders. Carole De Langlais helps us to see more clearly.

How can osteopathy help your baby?

Why so small, would a baby need a session at an osteopath?

Childbirth is the first trauma for the baby, whether it is a low birth or a caesarean section. It can be very fast or even too fast but also very long and complicated especially if it was born in a seat with the use of the suction cup or spatulas. Every birth can have an impact on your baby's body. Be aware that if the delivery has been difficult it is possible to get a consultation with an osteopath right from the stay in maternity.

So it all depends on the delivery?

Not only that. One immediately thinks of childbirth but it should be known that most of the disorders noted in the first days of life of the baby are already present in the womb of the mother. For example, if you have experienced a pregnancy in bed, your baby may have taken a very particular position and settled there. As a result, he may have had his head a little stuck, or a shoulder a little blocked, or he may have "embedded" himself in your pelvis.

What if everything went well?

If your pregnancy and your childbirth took place without complication it is nevertheless interesting to make a balance when your baby is one month, one month and half. He will thus have had his recovery time, between two and three days, the time to allow his skull to recover its initial shape and to take its marks in its new environment.

Are there other situations where osteopathy can act quickly?

Yes, for example, if your baby is having difficulty breastfeeding, it may be a head rotation or sucking problem. The osteopath can act on this on the other hand it will be necessary to consult a paediatrician if the nursing problem comes from the brake of tongue of your baby.

We can also act in case of digestive disorders, colic, constipation, mechanical reflux it can really help.

Likewise if your baby is experiencing sleep disturbances, some restlessness, inconsolable crying. If you find that your baby is nervous that he often has archaic reflexes like bursts, arms that open wide all at once it may be good to come to consult.

If you have observed that he turns his head more to one side than the other, if he lacks mobility (leg, arm) it is also a good reason for consultation.

Handling a baby can be impressive for parents?

The handling is always done gently, there is neither constraint nor cracking. Obviously the osteopath must be specialized and trained to babies and children because it is a very different practice.

Is it necessary to consult, work in parallel with the paediatrician?

Consultation does not replace consultation with the paediatrician; it is important to keep the paediatrician informed. Care must be multidisciplinary.

When do you advise to consult?

A consultation every 6 months then once every 1 year throughout its growth at important stages of its growth such as walking for example. Then between 10 and 14 years they will grow suddenly they take 10 cm in one year. It is important to avoid scoliosis, for example. One does not necessarily think about it but also during the installation of a dental apparatus, the wearing of glasses or soles it is important to make an osteo check-up in the wake. These occasional treatments generate a lot of constraints and impact for the child (hormonal, growth).

Osteopathy can also be considered preventive.