The pain of childbirth.


"I'm getting ready for my delivery, but will I be able to implement everything I'm learning? Will fear take over? "Will I be able to control anything? "We are very apprehensive about this pain of childbirth Claire Letessant midwife for 15 years, gives us her advice to prepare ourselves as well as possible and allow us to live this moment fully.

The pain of childbirth.

Can we really tame this particular pain?

My first advice: The birth preparation that of your choice you can follow a standard one either with a liberal midwife in the office or with a midwife in the hospital. You can combine this standard preparation with more specific ones such as yoga, prenatal singing, swimming pool or sophrology. In any case a childbirth is prepared it is not when you are in pain and you are stressed that you will find the miracle solution the day D.

What are the keys to trying to control pain?

To manage pain there are two valuable aids: positions and breathing. The positions must be apprehended before being prepared, for example. You have to think about what you are looking for in each position. For the breathing it is the same thing what one seeks to control it is the ventral breathing and it is not so obvious. You must have understood it, felt it calm and upstream. Thus at the moment when one feels pain one will know what one should look for as feeling... With or without epidural first or second birth, control and knowledge of breathing are essential.

Can the father really help us control this pain?

The father is more than indispensable for the changes of positions for example if he understood upstream the benefits of breathing he can then coach you and accompany you. There are analgesic positions that are done in pairs and that can be coupled with lumbar massages by the husband, a very painful area and it works very well!

Fathers are therefore welcome but be careful it is not an obligation. As a woman you can and should hear a man's desire if he is there reluctantly, it will be very bad for everyone and ineffective. What you must remember is that you need a companion (mother, friend...) I recommend you to think about it before, to choose the one who will be best able to accompany you. If your partner can't or doesn't want to, it doesn't mean he's a bad father. The accompanying person does not have an obvious place.

What about the epidural?

The epidural is supposed to remove the pain but not the sensations. There's been a lot of work done around the epidural to make sure it's properly dosed. Women feel things because to push you have to feel what's happening. The epidural should be analgesia, not anesthesia.

Many women today wish to give birth without an epidural. But beware of the reason, take the time to dissect and find out why you do not want epidurals. We must not put everything in the same basket. Let me explain. Epidural does not mean overmedicalization and passivity. Because even with an epidural you can change position and it won't slow down the work either. We have this idea that it can slow down work, but in fact it's because we're immobilized, so we have to keep moving.  You can't necessarily walk, but you can get on all fours and use a ball. Movement allows work to move forward.

Can we all try to deliver without an epidural?

It is possible, the midwife present that day will undoubtedly be your partner but be careful it is prepared and not only with a standard preparation, it is like a real marathon you do not train just with a small jogging on the weekend.