During pregnancy, what symptom should make me go to the maternity ward?


"I am 5 months pregnant and I feel that my stomach hardens from time to time, is that normal? "I feel my baby moving less, do I have to go to the maternity ward right away? "Claire Letessant, a midwife for 15 years, has given us the keys to knowing when to go to the emergency room.

During pregnancy, what symptom should make me go to the maternity ward?

I'm afraid to go to the emergency room for nothing...

Before 37 weeks, certain signs must alert you so you must go to the obstetrical emergency room. Do not hesitate to go for the simple and good reason that there is no bad reason to go to the emergency room pregnant. Anxiety can create contractions as a midwife one prefers to bring down a situation of anxiety rather than discover a pregnant woman with significant contractions. After obviously it has to remain common sense.

What are these famous signs?

Here are the signs to take seriously: Bleeding can happen during pregnancy so nothing serious necessarily but you still have to go to the obstetrical emergency room for a check-up. If your baby is moving less or no more and you have noticed a difference in her movements compared to usual. If you have a fever above 38.5° you should come.  Babies do not like fever, the paracetamol that can be taken at home is not fast enough and it is important to know the origin of this fever. So don't hesitate for a moment if you have had a fall and have had a "shock" or "blow" to your stomach or abdomen. Finally if you have this sensation of fluid loss at any time during pregnancy you may have broken the water pocket.

And if I have contractions, how do I know if I need to go to the emergency room?

Contractions during pregnancy are physiological. So you can have 15 in the day it's NORMAL the uterus is a muscle. During pregnancy, the uterus is distended and baby's growth is not linear so some contractions are stronger than others. Above all, don't worry. On the other hand if there are more than 15 or if it is a burst of regular contractions and / or painful, there we go to the emergency room.

The right reflex to have is to try to identify why you had these contractions, did you spend the day standing? Did you make a long drive? Often pregnant women move before their baby arrives. When you ask a lot of your body, during the day it will go well because you are in the action but at night when you are at rest it starts to contract like the muscle after the sport. If this is what happens to you, before you come to the emergency room there are three things that work well to rest the muscle: 1. look for warmth like a bath / hot shower or hot water bottle. Then lie down and rest and finally take Spasfon it works well. We see if it passes, normally it takes an hour to relax. If it doesn't work, or if you feel anxious, come to the emergency room.