How to make the most of your stay at the maternity ward?


The average maternity stay lasts 3 to 5 days depending on whether you deliver vaginally or by caesarean section. A little too fast or on the contrary an eternity everything depends on the needs of each one. So how can you make the most of your stay? We're taking stock with Dr. Muriel Ayache. Objective: to have the information to make the most of your stay without preconceived ideas and especially without putting too much pressure on you!

How to make the most of your stay at the maternity ward?

How to optimize our stay at the maternity ward?

Asking all the questions that come into your head, bathing, even changing the questions that seem stupid to you! You have to armor yourself. I realize it's a lot in a short time but you really have to take everything you need. We make his deal. The stay at the maternity ward is like a "space-time" as long as you are there you are cocooning. Once at home it is no longer the same if you have a question, a doubt, it is no longer enough to ring the bell and wait for the midwife or the nursery nurse to arrive...

Fill up on information ok but how to sort it?

If I ask questions, I'm ready to hear several answers. No one has the real instructions, it's up to you to pick and keep what best suits you from the answers you get. And especially take advice with which you will feel comfortable, if it does not suit you do not force you. Nothing is set in stone you will get there, you will ADJUST and IMPROVE yourself.

What do we do with the "famous visits"?

A doctor's and mom's advice: it's dad's role to be unpleasant he'll be your firewall! Frankly, we don't know the rhythm of our baby and our baby at the same time, I think of those who start breastfeeding for example. In addition everyone tries to find his place and just begins to get acquainted. So for the well being of the baby and yours you must accept to say NO.  But if, on the other hand, you feel the need, obviously do not hesitate to say so.

The one thing you shouldn't forget in your suitcase? :

His makeup bag! I'm serious it may seem futile and yet it really has an impact on our morale. To look "good" is to motivate oneself to be lively, to avoid sinking for oneself and/or for one's couple. I assure you that it changes everything, the way we perceive ourselves will change we have a more lively voice, the more jovial it is the effect of a breath of oxygen. Otherwise clearly we let ourselves go.