The first meeting with her baby!


That's it on D-Day. We'll finally be able to discover his face! Will he be like we imagined? Will I like it instantly? Relax, settle down and listen to the advice of Dr Muriel Ayache pediatrician and mother of 5 children !

The first meeting with her baby!

Does the first encounter with her baby have to be "fantastic"?

Not necessarily, anyway, it's so different from one woman to another but one thing is certain, the link with her baby has been there for a long time. If it doesn't work out the way we imagined it wouldn't be a failure. We must not waste our energy finding a reason and an explanation for everything. You have to see this moment of the meeting as something magical as a gift, it is healthy, everything is fine! It is after we become aware that we will be responsible for our lives, that we will have to ensure...

Is it at birth that you become a mother?

It's not safe. During pregnancy, you already become a mother somewhere. I know and I feel that the baby's life evolves according to mine. For others it will be the moment when they have their baby in their arms or when you realize that you are becoming responsible for a small being.

Exactly, getting to know your baby, does it happen all by itself?

There are no instructions, between you and your baby it's a new relationship that begins, you just have to look at each other, feel each other, observe each other it will be done little by little. We doubt our own ability to transmit, to give enough it is normal to feel this. We must not forget to take the time to listen to ourselves. It may sound like a boat to say this, but the stay in the maternity ward is so full of care, the visits are like taking you away and you can forget the essential thing which is to listen to yourself and take the time to observe your baby.

And dad, what place can he take in maternity?

The father will take his role, but we'll still be six to nine months apart. It is not necessarily obvious for the father to feel like a father from the beginning of the pregnancy. He didn't necessarily feel everything we could have experienced during pregnancy. We must therefore let him find his place. For example, let him manage a bath. It will certainly hurt, it will do differently from you but it is not serious, really not serious. You both are in the learning phase.

Your man has another hyper important role, he must become your anti baby-blues. To do that he has to compliment you. We're so dependent on her eyes at the time. But it is also worth in the other sense, ladies to us also to compliment him and to reinforce him in his new role of father. We're both boosting and reassuring each other.