Ariane, mother of Elias and Martin, Lyon.

Creator of the SILLY & BILLY brand, passionate about sewing and decoration. The colours, the materials, the shapes, Ariane proposes only cute things The drums to embroider it is it ! The glittery moons to hang on the wall, her again! I invite you to discover Ariane's journey and the history of her pretty brand filled with sweet words and glitter.


Your background?

Silly & Billy, this is my third child! I created the brand in 2013. I groped well at first, it happened over the water. At that time, I was locked in a human resources job, without really being convinced. It had even become unbearable, the feeling of missing out on my life. I have a very sensitive personality, I couldn't go on.

A fresh start?

I find training as a upholsterer. I then pass my CAP pregnant by 6 months of my second child ! The job is fun, I love hunting tired chairs to repair. But I don't see myself spending my whole life in a workshop full of dust. One night I had a closet full of fabric, what was I gonna do with all this? I start making sleeping bags, little things for babies, cute little things, basics. And it's working pretty well.

Today you seem more attracted by decoration?

Yes, I propose today linen for children and decoration for the whole house. In the summer of 2015, I had the idea to create decorative frames from embroidery drums. I proposed the first models in September and it became an essential item of the brand and easily customizable.

Your favorite creation?

The drum frames! Clearly, having this idea has given new impetus to the brand! The idea started to emerge in a friend's house in Toulouse, she was showing me fabrics on drums. I found it very soft, this round side, it was really interesting. Two weeks later, the idea had made its way, I think of personalization.

What pleases a lot is the accumulation, the association with mirrors, an easy staging and the glitter side! There are also the swallows that I love very much, symbol of love, fidelity and family.

What are your inspirations?

While hunting, while strolling in the fleas of Lyon, there are there magnificent scenographies, many vintage references too. Things that stay in my head for a long time.

Your favorite subjects?

Fabrics, that's what makes me vibrate! I use cotton, fleece lining and polyester.

Desires, projects?

Go even further towards decoration! Make my pretty wooden toys and make nice collaborations.