Laurence, mother of Manon, Colin and Malou, Paris region.

Creator of the brand ROSE MINUSCULE, keeps her child's soul and has fairy fingers. The Lion, the Great Rabbit with the ball, the cloud catcher... only poetic and dreamy characters. Each creation by Laurence is a unique piece that she creates in her studio. She tells us her manufacturing secrets but also her inspirations. A very beautiful meeting that I wish to share with you on La Cabane.


What is your background?

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved crafts and sewing. I was a pretty lonely kid so I was already making up dolls. As I grew older I studied art and it was after the birth of my third child that I began to make some creations for my daughter. At that time, I was assisting a teacher in kindergarten class.

How do you go from kindergarten assistant to full-time designer?

It's all a matter of chance in my story. I really wanted to get into sewing, to make clothes for my daughter. Then one day, my mother offered me a sewing machine, but quickly, I realize that I am absolutely not attracted by the making of clothes... On the other hand, I had a crush for the creation of cuddly toys, small characters. I started to keep a blog, to put some photos of my creations and quickly the readers asked me if these were for sale. I wasn't really thinking about that, so I made a sale to see and in an hour everything was gone. So I started making my creations for others first one month, then two and now it's been 9 years.

A new life where you flourish?

At first it was not easy for me to assume what I was doing. I was proud, but I didn't dare tell people what my new job was, I was afraid I wouldn't be taken seriously. It went on for a while. Today I say that I am creative, that I create characters but I have the impression that it is a little my garden, my bubble.

I feel a real happiness to create, when someone discovers one of my characters and tells me that it reminds him of his childhood, so at that moment, I won everything. When I can provoke an emotion in someone, it's the most beautiful reward for me!

Where does the name MINUSCULE come from?

There is this idea of tiny, of fragility, but not in the negative sense, more like something precious. The Rose for the child's side. I also like the idea that Rose can be the first name and Minuscule the Last Name, for me or for my characters.

How do you work?

I never make sketches, otherwise we focus too much on a perfect idea, very precise, which is finally hard to reach, so it's very frustrating. So I prefer to leave with a tiny piece of idea in my head. The ideas will take shape and take me somewhere. It's pretty instinctive and I like to keep some of the unexpected. When I create a new character, I try to make it as expressive as possible, that it tells something, I try to give them a little life.

What are your favourite subjects?

For the characters, I use linen, heavy, it's what gives the character hold. For a doudou, I would need a softer material, but now I'm looking for something else. It also allows me to give him the position I want. For accessories and clothes it is according to my favorites. When I see a fabric that I like, in a second, it triggers something in me, whereas if I am not sure of the fabric, for sure, the fabric will stay in a corner of my workshop. And if not, I love working with wool, knitting, crochet.

Your sources of inspiration?

My children, that's for sure, the sweetness of childhood and especially childhood memories. And this idea of the bond that can exist between the adult and the child. I grew up but my childhood is still a part of me. And I want to share it with my child, to accompany him in his discoveries, to pass on things to him. Finally, I try to find poetry in all the little things around me, to see the world more gently.