Manila, Victor and Charline's mother, Lyon.

Creator of the brand LES PETITS BONHEURS DE MANI, teacher and one of the three founders of the event LE TEMPS DES FAMILLES, which honours designers. This mother, who lives at 100 an hour, manipulates the knitting technique to perfection! Sweet words, animal shapes, balloons as many objects of decoration customizable for all the rooms of the house! LCDC wanted to know a little more about his background and his universe!


What is your background?

I have been a teacher for ten years now, I currently work in a kindergarten with four-year-olds. And since 2015, I have launched the Les Ptits Bonheurs de Mani brand, which I have been making all by myself.

How did you get into knitting?

I wanted to use the knitwear to decorate my son Victor's room. At first, to be honest, it didn't look like much... I asked around, I watched tutorials on Youtube. But being a perfectionist I didn't let go. I found materials that suited me to obtain beautiful finishes. Finally the result was very nice, I started to sell my creations and three months later I launched my business.

What is the spirit of Les Ptits Bonheurs De Mani?

It is a soft and poetic universe, ideal to decorate the room of its baby with its first name or a sweet word. You can hang it over the bed, on the bedroom door or simply put it on a shelf in your bedroom, living room or kitchen! Each creation is customizable, so it can be a very nice original birth gift.

How do you work?

When I have an idea of form in mind, I go straight into it, I immediately take the desired materials and I try. I think about my technical constraints, I try to realize first the external form, I realize the turn then I linger on the inside and I refine. It's really spontaneous.

What materials do you like to use?

I work either wool or cotton. I also use bamboo, lurex, iron and aluminium wire. The knitting method requires the use of a small machine. I am therefore obliged to take this "constraint" into account. I cannot use everything and anything as material, it must not be too thick, otherwise I could not arrive at the desired shape.

Where does the name LES PTITS BONHEURS DE MANI come from?

My name is Manila. And the little joys is simply the name of my old personal instagram account. I really shared those little moments of happiness, rejoicing in the little things in life. So when I launched my brand, it was obvious to keep this name that represented me well.

What are your inspirations?

It's really what I want. Of course, my children also inspire me a lot, it can come from the colour of their clothes for example. One of my flagship products "the bulbs", is an idea that started from a "good night" sticker I had seen for my son, I thought it might be interesting to think it in 3D. There have been many tests, it's my perfectionist side, there was no question of it being wobbly... I also like to make inspiration paintings, take a vintage frame, mix my creations with other objects...

Collabs are also a source of inspiration?

Yes, completely. I had the chance to make several collabs, it's really a pleasure. The opportunity to meet new people gives us ideas, we share the same values and the same passion.

Like bringing together super creators?

Yes, I am one of the three founders (all creators) of the event "le temps des familles", this is our third edition. The idea is to introduce families, designers from Lyon but also from all over France. There are also workshops for adults and children (games of awakening for baby with a psychomotrician, embroidery...)