Marion, mother of Leonard and Gaspard, Lille.

Creator of the LEONARD & CIE brand, versatile and talented. Former lawyer, it is at the birth of her eldest son that Marion decides to realize, herself, with her scroll saw, design and ecological objects for children. Bear lamp, coat hook, magazine rack, wood and bright colours are highlighted. And icing on the cake, her creations are also fun, it's up to you to assemble your article with the help of your child, without nails, glue or screws! La Cabane introduces you to Marion's world and work.


What is your background?

I was a lawyer for two years and then stopped when I got pregnant with my first child. I wanted to furnish his future room but nothing really pleased me. I wanted to create objects specially designed for him. So I started tinkering. I've always been a little creative. I started in November 2013, when my son was 2-3 months old.

Where does the brand name come from?

The name Léonard & Cie seemed obvious. The & Co designating the animals that have a strong influence on my creativity.

What is special about Léonard & cie?

I do indeed have a guideline, to propose an object that fits together. Leonard & Cie products are assembled like three-dimensional puzzles and are child's play to assemble. The opportunity to do a "workshop" with your child. An assembly without glue and without nails.

How do you work?

I have a workshop next door. When I have an idea, I draw directly on wooden boards and I proceed to the cutting. If I see it's okay, then I realize a pattern to make it perfect. I use a "scroll" saw, it's a very small saw with a blade that goes up and down. My work changes all the time. At first I had the animal lamp, then it became a night light...

What are your favourite subjects?

The wood! The most ecological materials possible. I use more precisely MDF, i.e. the medium, compressed wood fibres, I really like its natural colour. It offers thousands of possibilities since it exists in all thicknesses. At first I only worked with scrap wood from a carpenter. MDF can be painted or even printed. As the weather is often gloomy in the North, I like to choose beautiful bright colors or even fluorescent !

What inspired you?

I develop my ideas according to the needs of the children, as soon as something is missing at home I try. So I'd say my kids! For example, Leonardo, my eldest, is a fan of foxes, which obviously inspired me. My creations always have a link with my children. The magazine bear, for example, was designed when Leonardo's books had to be stored next to his bed. The cactus hooks, they were created because he loves our little cactus but he can't touch them because they sting!