Creator of Calm For Dreamer, loves nature, lives the present moment and offers her clients unique pieces that resemble them. Gaëlle's wooden and wool mobile is soothing and airy, ideal to decorate your child's room or offer him a moment of serenity. I let you discover Gaëlle's journey, her inspirations and her universe!


What's your background?

Coming from the marketing field, I worked 10 years for the food retailing, it is by arriving in Haute-Savoie that I wished to create my own products without any regret! The need for a life closer to nature, to consume differently. The brand exists since 2016! It is a life choice that allows me to devote more time to my children who are still small (Marceau 5 years old and Oscar 9 years old).

How did you manage to create mobiles? How long has your brand been around?

The mobiles I make are observation and decoration mobiles for children's rooms and why not for other rooms in the house. All my creations are imagined in Haute-Savoie, in the open air! These are small poetic series, they are unique and entirely handmade with great love and care.

Where does the name Calm for dreamer come from?

The brand name is really a continuity of the products since the mobiles are not musical. They inspire calm, serenity, they are light and weigh only 200 grams. The slightest movement in the room makes them move and it is very relaxing, relaxing for the eyes. Calm is also what we all aspire to, inner calm, tranquillity and this word means a lot to me. To reach calm, it is also necessary to live the present moment and to watch a mobile turn a few moments is part of those little things that allow us to maintain ourselves in full consciousness. "Calm is the nest in which wisdom grows."

How do you work when you start a new motive?

To create new mobiles, I take inspiration from nature, books, magazines, exhibitions and everything that makes me happy in general. I love working with different colours and combining them. But my greatest inspiration are my customers, indeed I make many customizations and even if powder pink and mint green often come back, I am always surprised by the audacity of my customers. Some send me inspirational pictures or crazy decorative elements and here I am, creating an orange and apple green mobile or with a very dark brown! I love the idea of creating a unique product that will look like my client, it's really exciting and humanly rewarding!

What are your favourite subjects? And the wood used is what?

The materials used to create CALM products are always wool, wood and ceramic. Wooden products are created in the workshop (3D clouds, wall clouds, support for mobiles), and earthenware products too since I had purchased a high-temperature oven in 2015. I love working the land, it offers endless possibilities.

The felted wool balls come from Nepal. They are 100% pure wool, 0 chemical, free of AZO compounds. I work with a workshop that does not make children work (child labor free certification) and gives an above average salary to its workers.

How do you advise to hang your mobiles?

To hang the mobiles, we propose wall jib cranes. Indeed, we do not advise to hang the mobile above the bed of the baby thanks to a gallows for bed because it is not pledge of safety and moreover it is not aesthetic.

The mobile takes all its meaning suspended from the ceiling, so it can turn on itself and be highlighted in the room. The CALM mobiles are timeless observation mobiles, unlike the awakening mobiles with which the child can play. The CALM mobiles have an objective of observation only and decoration, the child can keep it as a real object long after the passage to the "big" bed. Moreover many customers hang the mobile above a desk, on a cabin bed etc.. Calm and relaxation are ageless!

Do you have any new projects for Calm For Dreamer?

For 2018, CALM will be present at 3 exhibitions including the KIDS ETC in Paris in December.

This year we want to expand the dealer network because so far we have not worked on this point and we have very few vending shops.

And I would like in a more personal way to resume the writing of a blog to present creators and examples of rooms, decoration products etc..