Perrine, mother of Ninon five years old and Leon two and a half years old. Based in Paris, from Montpellier.

Founder of the magazine LES CONFETTIS and now publisher of the children's books Mini Confettis. Perrine is passionate and inspiring, as are the women she highlights in her magazine, with varied backgrounds and profiles. Today it is aimed at a much younger audience, 3-7 years old. The challenge: to finally get out of the endless stories of princesses waiting for their knight and tell the incredible story of the heroines of yesterday and today. The first portrait is none other than that of Mrs. Agnes Varda! I let you discover Perrine's journey and her fabulous Mini Confetti adventure. A nice crush for LCDC.


What is your background?

I am an artistic director by training. I started in the press as an independent and decided to take the step of entrepreneurship by founding the magazine Les Confettis 3 years ago. Today, I am adding a new cap, that of an editor.

What are the values of the magazine and the children's books "Les Confettis? "

Les Confettis is a media that promotes female role models. With a website but also a biannual review printed for more than 3 years, I would like to highlight women with varied and inspiring backgrounds in order to make each one want to achieve herself according to her own model.

Why the name "Les Confettis"?

What better word than CONFETTIS to evoke women's freedom to display several facets, without shading others. A cure for the blues, LES CONFETTIS highlights the multiple ascents of mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who dare to step outside the box to trace their own destiny in a monochrome that belongs to them. For me, this responds to the idea of plural women.

Where does this desire to offer the Confettis dna to a very young audience (3-7 years old) come from?

It was at the birth of my first child, a girl, that I became aware of the rigid and stereotypical image of women in children's literature. I am tired of the fact that there is still too often talk of princesses condemned to wait for a potential prince charming to allow them to be happy and to succeed in their lives... It's time to introduce other types of heroines to our children! I would like to address children from 3 to 7 years old in order to plant from an early age, the little seed of "empowerment". Because behind every free woman hides a little girl who had the opportunity to dream. An approach that comes as a new chapter, completing the magazine's ambitions: to highlight their audacity, passions and achievements.

Several books relate the portrait of women who have counted, what more do you want to bring, that is different with the Minis-Confettis?

I would like to address the younger ones. I think we don't have to wait for children to read by themselves to discover the great female figures. There is no time to waste to introduce them to beautiful women's stories. It is up to us, adults, to accompany them in their discovery and in the pursuit of their dream. Mini-Confettis offer support to aspiring adults. It's time for little girls to be rocked by stories that make them think of themselves as dancers and astronauts! Mini-Confettis are an ode to self-development. They will also, I hope, become a tool for dialogue between parents and children.

Was finding an illustrator complicated, was it obvious? What were your expectations?

It was Agnès Varda's personality that imposed Jennifer Bouron on me as an illustrator. For me, it must be the retained heroin. Jennifer Bouron's work is a huge favorite! Her universe totally corresponds to Agnès Varda's personality: colourful and poetic. And I particularly enjoyed working with Jennifer. Our exchanges were very fluid and natural, a beautiful artistic understanding.

The next portraits of the Minis-Confettis will be with the same illustrator?

No, I want each book to reflect the personality of his heroine. Each story will be illustrated by a different illustrator. I want each one to reflect the personality presented. It involves a coloured scale or a type of representation. It is a great pleasure for me to choose a new artist for a new collaboration each time.

The first issue is dedicated to Agnes Varda, why this choice?

Agnes Varda's name has become established. For me, it was obvious, you had to tell your story to the younger ones. A curious little girl, now the smallest of the great ladies of cinema. She was one of the first women directors in the world! As I immersed myself in his films or lyrics, I was even more won over. Every day I was told that the fascinating story of this multiple artist was within the reach of young children. She was a visionary woman, with touching poetry who told, through her sensitive films, the fascinating stories of ordinary people.

Can we find out who the next heroine will be?

Have a little more patience...;)