Les Deux Roses


Pauline, mother of a little boy. Located in Bourg-en-Bresse, near Lyon.
Founder of the brand LES DEUX ROSES. Likes natural materials, sobriety and above all that his creations have meaning.
Pauline offers cuddly toys with a refined design, in a very soft organic cotton. She imagines them and realizes them entirely by hand, from the brush for drawing to the assembly. Discover this pretty brand engaged in the interview with La Cabane Des Créateurs.

Les Deux Roses

What is your background?

This whole adventure happened by chance. I used to sell stationery, I was addicted to it. Then when I got pregnant, it triggered compulsive purchases in me... But I didn't really find my happiness. We all have an identity, a personality. I think the child's world is quite kitschy, but not the nice, cute side of the kitty. The colours we are offered are either too girl or too boy. And above all, I find that there is not enough simplicity, sobriety. I didn't know I was like this... And then one day, in my workshop, I had this sudden urge to sew. I got right into it. I am self-taught, I have always loved doing things myself, trying things. As I progressed, I was able to accumulate fabrics, accessories and wooden rings. Years go by, you don't use it and then one day you come back to it.

So you start making baby items?

Yes, but I didn't feel like I found the one that made me shiver. I wasn't convinced. I wanted a design that doesn't exist yet. Something of mine.
And then one day I took out my painting equipment. The first attempts were chaotic, then it started to take shape. It's getting pretty, it's getting funny, it speaks to me. I feel like I've never grown up, so I find myself completely in this new creation: a bottle cuddly toy. Its first version is with the inscription "milk".

Then comes the customization?

A friend tells me that she really likes the bottle cuddly toy but that she would like to have her son's first name written on it. I must admit that I don't like personalization at all. On the other hand, I do love mischievous little words. Be original.
But I'm trying. I paint his child's first name horizontally. Finally, yes, I find it very pretty and very nice. I then share the photo of this personalized baby bottle blanket on Instagram and receive a comment that will mark me: "this time, it changes everything...". And indeed, orders have multiplied.

Baby bottles are very popular, how do you feel?

At first I didn't trust myself. I had a real know-how, but I was devaluing my work. Then I started to get some recognition. I realize little by little, I work and I am very motivated. I gradually discover other brands that correspond to my universe. I want to position myself and be recognized like all these brands I admire, for their work and the ethical side. A challenge, especially when you start from nothing, but anything can happen!

Where does the brand name come from?

It comes from my last name and also from my childhood. As a child, everyone called me "pink". So it just came like that, all by itself as a matter of course. But in reality, I hate the name "The Two Roses". And then my project got bigger, so I kept it. Maybe I'll change it one day.

What is the spirit of the brand?

Combine simplicity and mischief. I'm very minimalist, I can't stand objects that are useless. I cannot sell a product that is only decorative. My wish is to consume less but better. So I'm looking to improve the product. For two and a half years now, I've been raising prices a little for this reason, to offer an ethical product. The bottle cuddle is now at 30 euros and that's as far as it goes. I think I am at the right price and have found the right balance. The product must be perfect for babies!

How do you work?

Sometimes all of a sudden, the idea is there, so I have to take my notebook quickly. But often it's when you see the raw material that it comes, like the ring for the bottle cuddle. For the carrot blanket it came from the material, the fabric and the fact that my son does not have a blanket. I wanted something robust, made of linen for a good grip and I saw the carrot tops very soft, so a difference in texture. Result: My son immediately adopted him, he loves playing with the vines. Now I've won my bet! A beautiful and useful object.

What materials do you use?

I use organic cotton. I don't take the cheapest or most expensive but the middle ground. It's a cost, but I'm happy to be able to do it, to be able to propose it. The fabric is great, I'm very happy about it. The ring is made of wood and the paint is specific for fabrics. She doesn't feel at all in both senses of the word: no finger texture, no smell. I could have thought of transferring instead of painting but it lacks too much charm for me. And drawing on cloth is so relaxing! So I work in my workshop, after painting there is a drying time of 24 hours for a blanket. Then I assemble the different parts of the fabric with a sewing machine, stuff and close again. Then I pack it up. I would like to eliminate plastic and switch to a small organic cotton purse, it's under consideration.

What are your inspirations?

My Son! And I'm currently pregnant, so I have lots of new ideas! My products are mixed and I don't want it to change on that side. The insignificant objects of everyday life inspire me enormously. Objects that we encounter every day, we don't pay attention to them. It could be the color of a door!

Any desires, any projects for "Les Deux Roses"?