Marjorie, mother of Gustave and Ines. Former Reunionese, settled in Bordeaux a few years ago.

Founder of the brand MONSIEUR NATURALISTE. Unconditional lover of nature and endowed with fairy fingers. She observes nature, the seasons, the passing of time. She likes the imperfections and the relief of the materials.

Marjorie illustrates the fauna and flora with pens, in black and white. The details of his line give life to the rabbit, the bear, the duckling. Beautiful illustrations that can be found in the Petit Naturaliste collection: body, t-shirt, leggings, diaper, bib, a whole range of organic cotton from 6 months to 24 months. Discover on LCDC Marjorie's portrait, her universe, her inspirations and her drawing technique.


What is your background?

Before I was an advertiser for big advertising companies, I did a lot of campaigns, logos. I was always working on computers, drawing with a stylus on the computer, making photo montages with a smooth and digital rendering. There was no room for small accidents, erasures, mistakes. It was very beautiful, very clear. It was perfect, but that's all I didn't want. I felt fed up, the need to refocus on my desires, my expectations.
I have always drawn, before my being a publicist I went to a school of drawing and graphics, the ECV (School of Visual Communication). I could have made it a hobby, but when I came home I didn't have time.

Did you miss the drawing?

I've always had this visceral need to draw. I had drawings in my head, I had to get them out. I started with a pen simply. I didn't need any paint or a lot of space. And all of a sudden it's gone. I loved the way the technique was rendered. I wanted something naturalistic, something naturalistic, something textured. Children love it and adults love it too, it speaks to their childish souls.

So you start drawing, what are your inspirations?

Flowers and animals. I like drawing in one shot. And the fact that there is a story once the drawing is finished. Something I also had in my work as an advertiser. The drawing must live afterwards.

Your illustrations then come to life on what medium?

I started applying them to mugs... my friends and family thought it was really nice. Then I met a woman who owns a shop in Bordeaux. Together we make a series of mugs with feathers, birds. It was a great surprise, a very nice surprise. A very nice surprise because there is an encounter with the person, an exchange, a return. Until now, I was as if I was protected behind my computer.
In the same year, I decided and I am ready to launch MR NATURALIST. I want to make beautiful products. I meet a product manager and we develop a baby line.

Where does the name and logo come from?

MR NATURALIST, MR for Marjorie Renard, my name and surname simply. Fox, it's still crazy. Naturalist as an evidence in relation to my drawings, my models, my inspiration. And then people started calling me "Mr." Naturalist for the MR. So it stayed.

What are the values, the spirit of the brand?

Nature first. Reconnect with nature, return to observation, take the time to observe the nature around us. Finally, we return to simple values, the seasons, ecology, well-being. Caring for oneself and others. It is a family brand, for babies, home, women and men.

How do you work?

I always work from a photo or a real model. It's mechanical, I'm almost like a printer, I look, I observe and I transcribe right away. Whether it's a flower, an animal, I always have a crush at the base. I love spending time analyzing what I see. Moreover, the preparation work is therefore not very intensive. I can observe the animal or flower for three, four hours without any problems. And then I start drawing.
For example, for the rabbit, I will look at several positions. For a flower, to see it from every angle, I will look at its different opening steps. I am always amazed.

Do you have a particular technique?

I'll get a pen and that's it. I always draw small dots, hatches, like a mechanical technique. I realize more and more or less tightened points, like a "pointillist". The rendering gives the impression of an engraving. But it's not the same technique. I use thin, one-millimeter architectural pens. The finesse is important because I practice black shades. I like this black and white aspect, it allows me to be in the drawing, not to be disturbed, it's relaxing.

What are your favourite subjects?

Knitted jersey for t-shirts, leggings, diapers, bodies. It is a very fine mesh, which allows to have a flexibility and a very soft material. It is an organic cotton. I use natural, simple and raw materials.

Where are the creations made?

For the baby collection, there have been many tests and research. I am thinking in particular of the printing technique. The so-called "cylinder" one cannot be used because I lose the finest features of my drawings. So I have to turn to the more expensive technique, digital printing to obtain better quality. And this digital printing on knitted jersey is only possible in Germany, Belgium and Portugal. It is finally in Turkey, that I found a workshop that meets all my criteria: a quality fabric made in good conditions. This is fundamental for the babies who will wear my creations. My objective is to find closer, even in France, I am working on it. As for the bib, it is made in India and printed in Bordeaux.

What are your inspirations?

Nature, the whole artistic movement of naturalists, my art studies, my years at the art college, art history. Lots of artists, music. I regularly bounce back on my children's feelings. I sometimes question them. They are great little product managers.

What can drawing bring to children?

Drawing is a good school of life, we discover failure, courage, risk-taking. The tablet has its good sides but on this tool we erase, we can go back without risk, without consequences. The drawing has a healthy and natural gait.

Desires, projects for Mr. Naturalist.

Create! I have so many ideas for crockery, wallpaper, and continue to develop the little naturalist range.