Les Petits Vintage


Gwendoline, mother of Julia and Anna, former Parisian living today in Hossegor in a pretty Landes farm.
Creator of the brand LES PETITS VINTAGE, in love with retro and finally much more manual than she could have imagined. Gwendoline offers a collection with the little taste of Roudou as she likes to say, with accessories and decoration for children with a retro accent: musical dolls, bibs, bodies, tee-shirts, binders with exclusive prints. Discover Gwendoline's portrait, her background, her values and her creations!

Les Petits Vintage

What is your background?

Before I lived in Paris, I worked in marketing and communication for an American software publisher. I stayed in this industry for 15 years. I travelled a lot and I loved it! When my first daughter was born I quickly felt ready to hand her over to the nanny and go back to work. For his part, my husband had the opportunity to go to work in the southwest. The delivery wasn't far away yet, I clearly still had the hormones in paws. I said yes right away, I was the real Parisian who didn't think until then she couldn't go and live elsewhere. I quit and leave with my little family without thinking. When we arrive in Hossegor Julia is only 6 months old. It's the right time, the weather is fine. My husband starts working and goes on the road. And I... well, I'm alone with my baby, I don't know anyone yet.

The excitement of the beginning is gradually running out of steam?

Quickly I realize that I would not have the same life. On the other hand, I can fully enjoy my daughter. And this is a real opportunity. I can also take some time for myself and do what I've always loved: hunt. With Julia's arrival I started hunting to decorate her room. Quickly I go from one garage sale to another. I then started a retro furniture business. I tweak, use my ten fingers. I, who was not at all manual, am discovering some of my skills! But quickly I met the problem of expeditions. Especially for Parisians who are very fond of my findings. Indeed, it is not easy to have a desk sent....

So you decide to diversify your offer a little?

I'm starting to think about the textile side. A friend of mine asked me to participate in a sewing workshop. "Me, sewing? No, thank you." And finally I'm getting started. I like the idea of being able to offer textile accessories for my furniture. It was the discovery of an album of "paper dolls" from the 1950s in a flea market that gave me the idea for my first creation. It inspires me a lot, a real crush. It's a universe I love and know, you see the figurines on which we could change their clothes thanks to the little tabs?! That's how the musical doll was born. I approach a graphic designer friend and ask her to be inspired by these little dolls. This is the beginning of the SMALL VINTAGES.

Not easy to interfere in a sector that was unknown to you until now, the textile sector?

When I start, I don't know this sector at all. I teach the son of the water, how and where to buy my fabric, how to be different. I decide to have my own prints and surround myself with a graphic designer. I like the idea of remaining faithful to the image of my brand and at the same time leaving a little space for the DNA of the illustrator with whom I work. I find that very interesting. For example, with Mélanie Marasse, a Marseille illustrator, we worked on two babies, a rabbit and a bear, with the challenge of offering a mixed birth gift.

How do you work in practice?

At first I did everything myself. I was searching, refining, working on my creations. Then I moved on to the next step, sourcing. To find a factory, a workshop for the making of my creations and there clearly, it is the fighter's path! Over the past 5 years, I have experimented with a lot of things. Homemade clothing, the workshop in France, the reintegration workshop and then Portugal.
Today, I imagine and design each piece before entrusting its artisanal production to a workshop in Portugal, located near Porto. Working with this workshop has opened up new perspectives for me, such as simplifying the production of some of my creations. I can now also offer creations that I couldn't do alone like bodies, T-shirts and yes Portugal is the king of jersey!

Where does the name and logo LES PETITS VINTAGE come from?

It was important for me to have this retro feel that is my trademark. To show my love for the childish and vintage side too. That's why the little baby in the logo.

What is the spirit of the PETITS VINTAGE?

A retro side, practical and cuddly. The desire to offer pretty materials, beautiful finishes with this little taste of roudoudou. When I say "practical", I mean that everything must be washable. It comes from my experience as a mother, I think! Even the binder goes into the machine, as well as the music box, the box is waterproof. In short, the entire collection is changed to 30° by machine.

What materials do you use?

These are cotton and cotton muslin for diapers, quilts. The fabrics are printed in Portugal. Everything is certified eco-tex. As for the interior, it's polyester and fleece. I also use phthalate-free coated cotton. I say well coated and unplasticized, so it goes into the machine at 30° without any problem. And on the touch side, the coating is softer.

What are your inspirations?

The vintage and the "mommy" side for practicality. My two daughters, Julia and Anna, of course. Also my region, my new life by the sea and in the countryside. This holiday spirit that there is here in Hossegor and the surrounding nature.

Any desires, any projects for small vintages?

A new collab for musical dolls. Desires for textiles, clothing.
And of course, the physical shop that has been open for three years now, from Easter to September. It is a local wink, located in Hossegor itself. The shop offers a selection of decorative creations but also children of several designers. This summer I'm going to make a collection of bikinis in liberty from 2 to 6 years old!